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Name:the most beautiful kunoichi ❤ himemaru

RP account for Himemaru from the manga Rappi Rangai/Ninja Girls which takes place during the Sengoku Era - likely sometimes during year 1560, at earliest in June.

As the male kunoichi serving the Katana family, Himamaru became a female shinobi because he's got the most beautiful face in all of Iga. In other words; he's vain. He loves pretty clothes, and most often dress as a woman.
He specializes in poisons and knows medicines because of it. His special ninja arts involves shibari. He can even use his ropes, in a shamisen, to hypnotize people and get them to do and say what he wants them to.
He's also very good at laying traps. They tend to be too flashy.
His life-long dream is to be a trophy wife, more or less. He wants to marry a rich man and not have to worry about work.
He's actually the son of a samurai, and the only son in the Hattori clan. He ran away to the Iga to become a kunoichi when he was 7 years old.
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